Application Statuses

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Great you've found a Match! What's next?

Once you've applied to a position the work truly begins on the Matchwell side to process your application.

If you've uploaded all your credentials this part will go smooth and pretty quickly.

Matchwell Reviewing

A current Resume is required for all applications and license is required for any applicable positions. Our Matchwell team reviews your application to verify your resume, license and experience is a match for the facility.

Pending Acceptance

We submit your application to the facility to get their approval to move forward with your application and begin onboarding. This usually takes about 48hrs.


It's a MATCH! Our Matchwell team works hard behind the scenes to verify any remaining credentials, request any facility specific documentation, start required pre-employment screenings and complete your new hire paperwork.


CONGRATULATIONS! Your application is finalized and the moment you've been waiting for is here! You are now eligible to pick up shifts.

There are a few steps in the application process that require team work, so we can do great work together. This is mostly during the onboarding stage and when you will hear from our team the most.

You can always track the status of any of your applications directly on the home screen.

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