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Once you've completed the onboarding process and have been hired to a position, you can start picking up shifts to fill your schedule. Select Find Work from the Main menu, and browse the shifts available.

You can focus on browsing shifts for ONLY the positions that you are hired to, by adjusting your filters.

From the page, you can see which position the shift is for, and details like the date and shift times. Clicking on a shift will show you more details, and give you the option to request the shift with the click of a button.

Not hired to the facility? No problem! The Find Work page allows you to see the shifts that are available in your area. If you are not hired to the position and eligible to pick up shifts, you can access the position details and click apply to begin the application process.

If you see a shift that interests you from the Find Shifts search, you can click on the shift to see additional details, including which position it is for, date and time, pay rates and more information about the facility.

Interested in the shift? Simply hit the Shift Request button on the shift details page and your request will be on its way to the facility to review and action.

You requested a shift, great news! Now what?

Our healthcare partners post their open positions and shifts to the marketplace to get fulfilled. Every clinician that is eligible to work has an opportunity to request the shifts posted.

After you have requested a shift, just hold tight, the facility with be notified of your request and will have the ability to accept or reject your request.

We promise, this is not as intense as it may sound! Sometimes more people apply for the shift than the facilities need.

You can track the status of your shift request on the home screen.

Pending Acceptance - the shift request is not yet accepted by the facility.

Scheduled - the shift request is accepted and you are on the schedule.

Want to narrow your match results found? There's a filter for that.

We have filters that are found on the Search Positions and Find Shifts page.

You can use the filters to narrow and customize the results that are displayed, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

Just type in the criteria you are looking for in the designated field and watch the filter do it's magic! Narrowing down your results in real time.

Positions Page Filter

Shifts Page Filter

General Filter Guidelines

Filters can be great, but really confusing if you don't use them correctly. So it's important to keep these few things in mind:

  1. The initial results returned are based on the location set up in your account.
    For example If you are seeing results closer to OH, but you are living in NC check the location in your settings to make sure we are working from the right starting point.
  2. Too strict of filters WILL require adjustments.
    Adjustments might be needed to find the sweet spot of finding exactly what you want, within what's currently available in our Matchwell platform.
  3. "Found 0 Shifts" or "Found 0 Positions", it's not a mistake.
    Seeing no results found after applying your filter is not a mistake. It is a sign that there are no results meeting your search criteria. This may require those adjustments, to return the results you're searching for.

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