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Matchwell FAQ's
Who is Matchwell?
We are your very first un-agency. We are a technology company that gives you a platform to apply to PRN shifts for each facility you are cleared to work at. At any time, you can choose to join any facility as a direct hire. Just let Matchwell know if you're interested in going direct.
General Employment FAQ's
How do I complete the I-9?
Check out our helpful article here on completing your I-9.
How long does the background check/drug screen take?
The pre-employment process can vary depending on state mandates! We've put together an article from our vendor that may give you some insight into the processing times. Just click here to check it out.
Credential FAQ's
My credentials are all submitted, what's next?
All applications follow a process! We try to move as quickly through applications as we receive them. The next thing after credentials are submitted is for you to wait as we work hard behind the scenes processing your application. To learn more about the application process click here.
Am I eligible to request a COVID exemption?
You can request a COVID exemption if you have a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a medical condition that is a contraindication to the vaccination or a sincerely held religious beliefs that prohibit vaccination.
How do I request a COVID-19 Exemption?
You can request an exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination requirement by reaching out to and letting us know if the exemption is medical or religious.
Do I have to get the COVID vaccine if it's listed as a requirement?
The facility determines if they are willing to accept a COVID vaccine or an exemption. If the requirement says COVID vaccine or exemption, the facility is willing to accept either or to fulfill the requirement.
Do I have to have a specific requirement listed or will the facility accept what I have?
When applying for a position, you will see a list of required credentials to be compliant. The credentials needed to apply listed, will show what is accepted by the facility. For example, if only American Heart Association BLS is listed, then that is the only life support requirement accepted. If other CPR/BLS certifications are listed, then all are accepted.
Shift FAQ's
Why aren't there any shifts posted? There's nothing shown.
We totally get it, you're in the mood to pick up shifts. It's important to know that shifts are posted based on the demands and needs of the facilities. As the facilities post their needs they will be directly reflected when clicking to find shifts. This is something Matchwell has no control over.
Why hasn’t my shift been accepted?
Things get busy in healthcare. We know the wait can be nerve wracking, but try to be patient with the facility. Most of our partners approve requests at the beginning and end of their day. But, don't worry we do send them daily reminders. You can always reach out to them directly using our message feature.
Why was my shift request rejected?
We promise this doesn't necessarily mean you did anything wrong! Sometimes there are more clinicians that apply to a shift than the quantity of clinicians needed. Don't be discouraged, simply find other shifts that works for your schedule and try again.
Timesheet FAQ's
Why hasn't my timesheet been reviewed?
After you work a shift, it is the facilities responsibility to approve your timecard. Although Matchwell is not responsible for timesheet approval, we do remind facilities daily when there are timesheets submitted that require action! If your timesheets are not being reviewed in a timely manner, please contact the facility directly using the Message feature.

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