Direct Messaging

Updated 1 month ago by Andrew Harris

It's easy to connect with the facility directly from your Matchwell platform.

Just click messages from the dropdown menu. You can choose to create a new message or manage your conversations here.

General Message Guidelines

Using the message feature allows you to communicate transparently with the facility. Feel free to chat with the facility about:

  1. Facility information
    Any questions about facility specifics that you don't see in the position/shift details.
  2. Shift questions
    Anytime you have a question about your scheduled shift or you want more shifts and don't see any available on platform.
  3. Running late or Call offs
    If you are running late or need to call off, you should always call the facility first and message them in the platform second if you could not get ahold of someone.
  4. Timesheets
    Any questions surrounding timesheet rejections or getting your timecard approved.
Messages sent using the message feature DO NOT go to Matchwell. Any questions about credentials, pay, etc. can be handled by reaching out to Matchwell.

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