Uploading Position Requirements & Status

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Applying to a position is the first step. Once you've done that, it's time to work on completing the onboarding steps. All of the documents needed to apply are listed on your application for easy access. If you have already added a credential to your profile you don't need to do it again. If there are any that are missing, simply click Add and submit any details or documents requested in the pop-up.

Credentials Needed to Apply

We work with our healthcare partners to gather their hiring requirements and ensure all clinicians are clinically qualified for their positions. When you view details for a position, the credentials needed to apply are listed accordingly.

Credential Completed Count

We keep a count of the total credentials needed to apply, as well as the credentials completed for every application.

From this list, you can ADD or VIEW each of the credentials, depending on if that credential is already on file.

Credentials are considered complete when they have been verified by Matchwell. Once your credential is verified, it will be listed in the count of completed credentials at the top of the list.

In our example above this clinician shows 3 of 9 COMPLETED. This means they have verified 3 credentials, of the 9 that are required to complete their application.

Credential Status Indicators

You can quickly view the status of your credential by looking for the icon next to the credential name.

Any credentials that are not currently on file will NOT have a status.

Credentials submitted, but pending Matchwell's verification, will have an orange clock icon shown.

Credentials submitted and verified by Matchwell, will have a green check mark icon shown.

Credentials that have expired and require resubmission will have a red alert icon shown

Let's capture the perfect snapshot of your professional qualifications and background by ensuring all of your credentials are submitted and up to date for the application you've applied to. Let's get you working!

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