Expired Credentials

Updated by Keri Alker

It happens, things expire!

A credential expiring turns a compliant application into a non-compliant application. Once an application is no longer compliant, you will not be eligible to pick up shifts.. If you are in the onboarding process, this will stop your application from moving forward.

You can resolve all expired credentials by updating them in your profile. Expired credentials will be marked with a red exclamation mark and EXPIRED. They will also be shown in your alert center at the top of your screen.

Simply view the credential, remove the old document, provide an updated document and resubmit your credential for verification.

Spend your time working and NOT worrying about expiring credentials!

We give you a heads up and plenty of warnings that you have a credential expiring soon. We send automated notifications based on your notification preferences and even alert you through the alert center when you log in.

Just check the bell, you can't miss it! Once on the profile page credentials expiring soon are indicated in your profile, with the expiring soon details.

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