Matchwell Opportunities

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Your Flexible Work Awaits!

At Matchwell, we give you the option to decide how you want to do great work!

Our Partners

We partner with great organizations in a variety of care settings for per diem and local contract work opportunities. Our partners post their facility demands (open positions and shift needs), to the online marketplace that you have direct access to.

Matchwell Opportunities

Choose your opportunity. Set your own schedule. It's that easy.


Want to pick up shifts here and there, controlling when you work? Our flex opportunities are for you!

You have the flexibility to request the shifts that you want to work from the list of shifts that are posted.

Don't see a shift you want to work posted? Don't worry, our partners are always updating their needs as their census changes. Matchwell will notify you by email and text when new shifts are available, and you can always browse available shifts at other facilities so you have more to choose from!

Block Schedules/Local Contracts

Looking for something that gives you guaranteed hours? Landing a contract or block schedule may be right up your ally!

You can enjoy the freedom from PRN work with the commitment of a specific amount of shifts/hours over a certain length of time.

Check out our positions available to find out more.

Some of our partners offer block schedules and local contract opportunities, while others prefer flex and PRN. It is entirely based on the facility demands.

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