Rounding out your profile

Updated by Emma Marusczak

Adding Skills

Adding your skills allows us to match you with specialized positions you are qualified for. Your skills are selected during the registration process, but you can always make changes or additions to your skills selection from your Profile. Choose Profile from the Main Menu and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Adding Preferences

Manage your schedule and improve your recommendations by keeping your availability, preferences and time off up to date in your Profile. Storing your preferences enables Matchwell to show you positions and assignments that best match your needs. Choose your preferred shift duration, weekly hours and position type from your profile.

Have a vacation coming up? Add 'Time Off' in your profile so schedulers know you aren't available. Matchwell also uses this information to hide shifts that don't match with your availability.

Storing your Documents

Matchwell can store all of your license, certificate, health record and employment documents in one place and share them with the facilities you are interested in. Matchwell also helps you keep track of your expiration dates so you can continue picking up shifts without worrying about a lapse in coverage, or work!

Click Profile from the main menu, and use the Quick Add button to select from the options available. You can also add your documents using the Add option in each category.

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