Application Process

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You Apply!

You've submitted your application! Now what?

Once you've hit the apply button on your end, a lot begins to take place behind the scenes. We hope you are just as excited as we are!

The biggest part on your end is to get in those credentials. A current Resume is required for all applications and license is required for any applicable positions.

Timing: Whenever you think you've found a match.

We Review

We like to take some time to get to know you!

Our Matchwell team works hard behind the scenes to review the initial documents that are required for the facility (i.e. resume, license and/or skills checklist). Is the facility a good fit for you? Will you be a good fit for them?

Match making may sound easy, but we try to ensure that everyone is happy in the end.

Timing: Typically 1-3 business days

We Submit

We like what we see and think the facility should take a look too!

All applications are submitted to the facilities for review. The information that you've submitted thus far is reviewed and a decision is made if you are a right fit for the facility.

Want your application to stand out? Upload as many of the required credentials as you can to have a strong profile for facility review.

Timing: Typically 1-2 business days - in the facilities hands

We Onboard

We've got the approval from the facility that they agree. Your application looks great and it's go time!

Behind the scenes we work on processing and approving all credentials that have been submitted.

You can help keep your application moving by ensuring all documents needed for the application have been submitted. Of course this does not include documents that are facility specific! We will get to those later.

We want you to keep a few things in mind, for Matchwell it's impossible to process applications with missing credentials or reach out to everyone individually letting them know what's needed. Keep an eye out for notifications that will let you know if we need anything from you. This is the part where team work makes the dream work.

When your application is compliant with all standard requirements, we provide you with any facility specific policies or code of conduct paperwork necessary.

Once you've made it this far, the application process is almost complete.

We get you ready for the pre-employment screenings required to finish your application compliance. This part of the application process can vary significantly in timing, based on your discipline and state.

When we get the thumbs up that all of your checks have been completed and cleared, we finalize onboarding by completing the I-9 and new hire paperwork.

Timing: Typically 3-5 business days - for requirement processing. For screening processing times - check out our timing guidelines here.

Once we approve all credentials, the last part to making sure your application is compliant are the pre-employment screenings.

Unfortunately Matchwell has no control over the timing it takes for the pre-employment screens to be processed.

General Processing Time Guidelines

We've worked very closely with our vendors to come up with a general timeline to help you understand the timing behind pre-employment processing.

Background Checks

Most States: typically within 3-5 business days

*Please see below for additional timeframes for states that have exceptions. 

GA: about 2 weeks (if fingerprinting required additional time may apply)

FL: about 3-5 business days (without fingerprinting); about 1 week (with fingerprinting)

OH : about 2 weeks (with fingerprinting)

MS : about 2 weeks (with fingerprinting)

Drug Screen Checks

All States: typically within 2-4 business days

You Get to Work


We've completed processing your application. It's time to go pick out shifts and start working. Don't worry we are still here if you need us.

That Simple!

Make sure you are subscribed to our notifications so you don't miss any updates.

Tip: We appreciate your patience as processing applications take time. Follow the time estimates above and if you feel your application is taking longer than it should, reach out to Matchwell for an update either by chatting with us in the app, or emailing us at

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