Credential Verification Process

Updated by Celeste Hayes

You've uploaded your documents. Now Matchwell must verify!

Part of the application process is verifying the credentials that are associated with every application. This helps us ensure the credentials are in compliance with the facility requirements.

Check out our general guidelines below to help you with what we are looking for when reviewing credentials.

General Guidelines
  1. Make sure all documents uploaded are clear/legible.
  2. All licenses and/or certifications MUST be active in the state you are requesting to work in.
  3. Each document MUST display your legal name and/or license/certification number, if applicable.
  4. All documents with expiration dates must be current and active.
Any documents that don't follow the general guidelines above will be rejected by our verification team. Ensuring you follow the general guidelines above, helps our team with processing your credentials as quickly as possible.

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