Referral & Loyalty Bonuses

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Referral Bonus

Earn a $500 bonus for each clinician you refer to Matchwell, once they’ve completed 150 hours of work.
  • Anyone, except Matchwell Corporate employees, can refer clinicians to work with Matchwell!
  • The referred clinician must work their first shift within six months of being hired. 
  • The referral bonus is not applicable if the clinician has worked with Matchwell in the past 12 months or is already in touch with a Matchwell recruiter. 
To refer a clinician, simply share the referral information with your recruiter or email us at and we will reach out to assist.

Loyalty Bonus

Earn a loyalty bonus of $600 for every 600 hours worked with Matchwell!*

If you’ve been working shifts with Matchwell since January 1st, 2024, your hours are already being counted towards your first bonus! 

Loyalty and Referral bonuses are paid out once per month and may not align with the paycheck immediately after the completion of 600 hours by you, or 150 hours by a referred clinician.

Have any questions?

Reach out to Matchwell Support via the in-app chat or by email at and we'll be happy to help!

*Loyalty and Referral bonus program end dates are determined at the sole discretion of Matchwell

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