Pending Invitations

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Understanding Pending Invitations

Pending invitations are found directly on your home screen and will ONLY appear if you have an invitation that requires actions for you to take.

Let's check out some frequently asked questions about pending invitations.

  • What is a pending invitation?
    • A pending invitation is an invite request, from the facility, for you to work a specific shift where they have a need.
  • Where do they come from?
    • A pending invitation will only come from facilities where you are hired and eligible to work.
  • Can I think about the pending invitation, before I respond?
    • We understand that some things require you to check your schedule and think about, but don't leave the facility hanging. It is always polite to let them know your intentions even if that means your unavailable. This allows them the opportunity to try to get that shift fulfilled with another available clinicians.
  • I have received a pending invitation and I'm available, now what?
    • Great! You can respond and let the facility know you can work that shift by clicking the accept button on the invitation. That's it! The facility will now see you confirmed for that shift (in their platform). You will see the pending invitation become a confirmed shift and appear under your upcoming assignments.
  • I have received a pending invitation but I can't work that day, now what?
    • No problem! We get it and so will the facility. The important thing is letting them know. You can respond by clicking the reject button on the invitation. We give you the option of letting the facility know why you can't work, but that's completely up to you. Once rejected, you will no longer see the pending invitation listed.

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