Inconvenience Pay

Updated 9 months ago by Celeste Hayes

Sorry for the inconvenience.

At Matchwell, we offer compensation for the inconvenience if your shift gets cancelled last minute.

Here's how to determine if your circumstance qualifies for inconvenience pay:

  • You arrive for your scheduled shift and the facility sends you home.
    If you are late to your shift and the facility sends you home, you forfeit your inconvenience pay.
  • You are canceled within 4 hours of the start time of your shift (i.e. your shift is 3p-11p and it's canceled at 1p, only 2 hours prior to your shift start time).

Let us know if either of the two above occur, either by chatting with us in the app, or emailing us at

A timesheet entry for 4 hours, must be submitted for all inconvenience pay to be paid out.

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