Inconvenience Pay

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

At Matchwell, we offer compensation for the inconvenience if your shift gets cancelled last minute.

Here's how to determine if your circumstance qualifies for inconvenience pay:
  • You arrive for your scheduled shift and the facility sends you home right away. If you're sent home due to late arrival, you forfeit inconvenience pay.
  • You are canceled within 4 hours of the start time of your shift (i.e. your shift is 3p-11p and is canceled at 1p, only 2 hours prior to your shift start time).
A timesheet entry for 4 hours must be submitted for all inconvenience pay to be processed.

How to submit inconvenience pay:

Click "Enter Time" on the shift card on your Matchwell Home page or Timesheets Page and enter time for 4 hours (i.e. your shift was scheduled for 3p-11p, you will enter time for 3p-7p).

If your shift isn't listed, Click "Don't See Your Shift Listed?" at the bottom of the "Timesheets" tab.

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