Screening Processing Time

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Once we approve all credentials, the last part to making sure your application is compliant are the pre-employment screenings.

Unfortunately Matchwell has no control over the timing it takes for the pre-employment screens to be processed.

General Processing Time Guidelines

We've worked very closely with our vendors to come up with a general timeline to help you understand the timing behind pre-employment processing.

Background Checks

Most States: typically within 3-5 business days

*Please see below for additional timeframes for states that have exceptions. 

GA: about 2 weeks (if fingerprinting required additional time may apply)

FL: about 3-5 business days (without fingerprinting); about 1 week (with fingerprinting)

OH : about 2 weeks (with fingerprinting)

MS : about 2 weeks (with fingerprinting)

Drug Screen Checks

All States: typically within 2-4 business days

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