Experience Standards

Updated 1 year ago by Celeste Hayes

Every applicant is screened by Matchwell for experience once an application is submitted. We try to make sure you're qualified and a right match for the facility.

Matchwell does the initial review and screens for the following experience standards:

Acute Care Settings

  • CNA/PCT/Techs - 6 months+
  • LPN/ Med Surg RN - 1 year+
  • Specialty RN - 1.5 - 2 years+

Post Acute Settings

  • Caregiver / Care Associate – No exp. required
  • CNA / Med Aide – 2 months+
  • LPN / RN – 6 months+

The facility will always have the final say when Matchwell submits your application! They will review your experience and resume to make a final determination if your qualifications are a right fit for what they are looking for.

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